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Friendly Face Friday: Pete Riedel

This Friday we get to know a little bit more about a new face in our office- Pete Riedel!

Where would you consider your "hometown": Vancouver, WA

How long have you lived in the Vancouver area?: 14 years

• What is your favorite thing to do in Vancouver? When the weather is nice we like to take our paddle boards out on Lacamas lake before the lake turns and we hike a lot in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest and the Columbia River Gorge.

Would you rather live on the beach or in the mountains?: The mountains

What is your favorite snack?: Rib Eye

If you had an extra hour everyday, what would you do with it?: spend it with my children outdoors

What is your biggest fear?: Losing a child

Is there a book that you could read over and over again and not get sick of it?: Under the Dome

What is your favorite movie?: The departed

What is your dream vacation?: White water rafting the Grand Canyon