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PHLYSense Helps Protect Your Business in Three Easy Steps

Philadelphia Insurance Companies (PHLY) provides peace of mind when you have a loss - now we can help you avoid it. Imagine walking into your business to find a pipe burst and caused water damage. It’s not just the inconvenience of having to clean up the mess. There could be damage to vital parts of your business such as computer equipment, furniture, and records. Now imagine you had received a text or email alert telling you there was an issue before significant damage occurred. PHLYSense makes that a reality.

You’re Eligible to Receive a PHLYSense Sensor System at No Cost.

For policyholders with property coverage, PHLY is offering you a no-cost, early warning sensor system that detects water and monitors room temperature. Your complimentary system features:

  • Sensors, monitoring, and support, all at no cost to you
  • Sensors designed to monitor room temperature and detect water through a cellular network, no Wi-Fi needed
  • Account management and access to sensor readings via mobile app and/or an online portal
  • Alerts sent through SMS text, email, and/or phone call
  • Ability to add multiple contacts to receive alerts
  • 24/7 monitoring by a staffed support center

You can email phlysense [at] phly [dot] com with any questions, visit their website, or give us a call for additional information. Be proactive about staying protected and order your free PHLYSense today.

Get Started

Three Easy Steps to Put PHLYSense to Work for Your Business

1. Sign Up Today

  • Contact PHLY Risk Management at 800.873.4552 ext. 4 or phlysense [at] phly [dot] com.
  • You will need the following information when calling/emailing to register for program:
  • PHLY Account/Policy Number
  • Building address for the equipment
  • Shipping address
  • Administrator contact name, email, phone

2. Receive Your Sensors By Mail

  • You’ll receive emails with delivery status.

3. Activate

  • Using the app or the instructions provided, activate your account and sensors in about 15 minutes.