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January Referral Partner: Hough Foundation

Hough Foundation

New Year, New Referral Partner! What better way to start 2019 than with the Hough Foundation as our Referral Rewards Partner?

Through the foundation’s support, Hough elementary students receive the mental, physical and social aid needed to thrive both in school and in their homes and greater community. Paul Christensen, the foundation founder and a former Hough student, recognized the value of his early education at Hough elementary and the tools it gave him to thrive at school and in his future endeavors. For the past 26 years, Christensen and the foundation have worked to promote early childhood development at Hough and to support the families and their students.

The Hough foundation believes that a healthy community is created one neighborhood and one school at a time, and therefore works to provide relevant programs and partnerships that benefit children today and into the future.

Generating their funds through grants, fundraisers and individual, faith community and corporate sponsors, the Hough Foundation has created after school programs and enrichment programs that support the specific needs of their students and families.

The Glee Choral Group and Escola de Samba give students additional care and encouragement outside the classroom. Through singing and Brazilian style drumming, the programs give students the opportunity to perform for their friends and family onstage, which, in turn, increases self-confidence and pride. Students involved in these after school programs tend to have increased attendance and improved grades. The Afterschool Band Program covers all the costs for fourth and fifth grade kids that was to participate, including instruments and books! Two days a week, these students get together to learn and experience music skills. Additionally, the Healthy Snack Program provides healthy fresh fruit and vegetable snacks to school kids on a daily basis!

Furthermore, the foundation coordinates volunteers to help teachers in clerical duties, serve as tutors and mentor and engage with individual students through the Lunch Buddy Program. These volunteers help the school provide attention and resources to the needs of each student and dedicate over 10,000 hours each year.

Hough Elementary is located at 2535, 1900 Daniels St, Vancouver, WA 98660 in the heart of Downtown Vancouver. For more information, you may attend the Hough Hoedown on Saturday, February 9th or contact Executive Director, Jill Campbell at 360.992.7060 or

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