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Referral Program

Davidson & Associates Insurance

Referral Program

Davidson Insurance Referral Program

Our Famous Referral Reward Program gives us the opportunity to partner with and support many of the local non-profit organizations year round in a unique and fun way! Referring us to your friends or local businesses means you're helping them too. We will compare insurance prices and look for potential coverage gaps to ensure they have the best protection at the lowest possible price. As a special thank you for spreading the word about Davidson & Associates Insurance, each time you send us a referral, we will donate $25 to a local non-profit organization!

We support non-profits of all sizes, missions and causes to strengthen our community and home holistically. We are excited to partner with these twelve nonprofit organizations each year and look forward to bringing further awareness and financial support to their cause.

What Exactly is the Referral Reward Program?

Each month, a different nonprofit is selected by our team to be our “Referral Rewards Partner” in which we use our community networks to bring awareness to the causes that our nonprofit partner works tirelessly to support. Each time that someone is referred to call our office or inquires online about their insurance, our stellar team will work with the client to compare insurance prices and look for potential coverage gaps to ensure those referred have the best protection at the lowest possible price. Whether or not the referred client decides to use us for their insurance needs, we will still fully fund the $25 donation!

Why Do We Do It?

Putting community first is part of our DNA, and it all stems from our founder Bruce Davidson. He made people his mission, and that core value still stands strong. Whether it’s our team, clients or community, we realize that personal connections are much more valuable than any policy or rate we can offer.

Our agency has grown here in Vancouver because of the support of our community, and we feel it is our duty to help support the community that has supported us in and out of the office. Getting involved and giving back helps uphold our reputation as a service-oriented agency. It also makes us feel good at the end of the workday.  

Still Have Questions? No problem, here are a few of our frequently asked questions!

  • Does the referred person have to purchase a policy for the donation to count?

No, there is no purchase necessary for the referral donation to be given, however, the referred client must obtain a quote from one of our fantastic agents.

  • Do I have to be a client to refer someone?

Our referral rewards program is open to everyone, regardless of if you are a client or not. Although, we do kindly ask all our new clients to mention who referred them so we can send a thank you note!

  • How will you know I was referred?

We ask each new client how they heard of us, just mention the name of who referred you or that you’d like to support the Referral Reward Program.

  • Does this work for all kinds of insurance policies?

The Referral Rewards Program is for any policy quote that we offer, take a peek at the types of insurance we offer here »

Still have others? Contact Anna Miller at anna [at] davidsoninsurance [dot] com

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