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We work hard every day to earn your trust. It must be working because of all the referrals we get. When you share our name with your friends and family, it means a great deal to us. We feel appreciated.

Referring us to your friends means you're helping them too. We will compare insurance prices and look for potential coverage gaps to ensure they have the best protection at the lowest possible price.

As a special thank you for spreading the word about Davidson & Associates Insurance, each time you send us a referral, we will donate $25 to a local non-profit organization!

For the entire month of October all referral rewards will be donated to Friends of the Carpenter.

This month, we’re proud to partner with Friends of the Carpenter (FOC) for our Referral Rewards Program! This faith based non-profit, which grew from the simple idea of inviting the area’s poor and homeless to join in on modest woodworking projects, has become an environment in which vulnerable members of the community find structure and purpose for their lives. 

The program began in 1999 in Reverend Duane Sich's garage but is now based at the Friendship Center, where they welcome individuals with special needs, anyone needing to perform community service and the unhoused and low income to participate in the woodworking program.  

One person wrote that Friends of the Carpenter, “helps every one of us feel just a little bit safer, happier and respected when we are a part of it.” Thank you, Friends of the Carpenter, for providing stability and empowerment for those in vulnerable situations. We’re so proud of the efforts you make for people in the area!

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