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Insurance Rate Impact Report

Davidson & Associates Insurance Rate Impact Report Request Form

Completing the information below will provide you with information to make a better buying decision for a home/property purchase. The reports we email to you include:

  • Prior insurance claims (Does my home have leaky pipes or sewer problems?)
  • Possible flood insurance requirement (Will my lender require flood insurance?)
  • Fire protection class (Will my home insurance rates be higher due to my proximity to a fire station?)

Reports above will be provided to the requestor within one business day.

Reports require the following information. Please complete so we can email you this important property information.

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Requested Reports

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Note: leave the Subject field blank if you are a real person. If this field is filled in, your request will be ignored. This helps us protect against automated form posts (spam).

Why should a home buyer care about prior insurance claims?

Home insurance rates are impacted by prior claims (broken pipes, sewer back-up, leaks in a roof or siding). It is better to know if there are existing issues with a home before the final days of the sale process causing the cost for home insurance to be higher than estimated by the lender. Higher than average home insurance costs could delay or impact the home purchase closing. More importantly no one wants to purchase a home with problematic plumbing or leaky siding. These issues could cause an unsuspecting home owner thousands of dollars during the first year of ownership. Home inspections and appraisals do not provide this important information to the new home buyer. Only a historical claims report will provide this information. An informed and educated buyer is a happier buyer.

Why should I care about the flood zone determination?

If a home being purchased is in a flood zone the lender will likely require flood insurance. The additional cost of flood insurance (typically $500 or more) could affect the buyer’s ability to afford the home. It is better to know about the additional cost of ownership at the beginning of the home buying process and not in the final week of closing.

Why should I care about the fire protection zone?

The distance between a fire station and your home affects how quickly you can get help in the event of a home fire emergency. Insurance companies know this fact. The further the distance between the fire station and the home, the higher your home insurance rate. If you are planning to purchase a home it is important to know early on if the property location will cause insurance rates to be higher than average.

Is there a cost to me for requesting these reports?

The above information is currently provided free of charge. Davidson & Associates Insurance currently pays for costs associated with the reports as a service to the community and concerned home buyers.

Why do you need “Client Information”?

Historical claims and property information is archived by individual and/or address. Without complete information an important prior claim could be missed and not included in the report.

Why do you need to know who is requesting the information?

We only work with real people not robots. If you are not willing to tell us your name we will not provide the important information in a CLUE report.