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Referral Rewards Partner of the Month

February Referral Partner

Referral partner of the month

The Black Business Association of Oregon is an economic development organization striving to achieve economic equity that is both sustainable for Black owned business in Oregon. The BBAO was sparked from the tragic murder of George Floyd in 2020, which served as a wake-up call to the nation about the realities of racism. The waves of effect brought Oregonians together to discuss economic justice for Black businesses that had not received the same opportunities to prosper. On June 9, 2020, Black members, and past Chairs of the Portland Business Alliance issued a call-to-action for economic justice for all Black Oregonians. The development of the Black Economic Prosperity Agenda (BEPA) began June 10, 2020, when members of Portland Business Alliance (PBA), the largest area chamber of commerce in Oregon, came together to unite on an economic agenda that would create an inclusive economy for all Oregonians. In addition, a partnership agreement was reached with the National Association of Minority Contractors – Oregon Chapter (NAMC) to be the organizational steward to ensure anonymity and mission alignment. To implement the BEPA, the Black Business Association of Oregon was established.

The Black Economic Prosperity Agenda is a long-term plan focusing on using on public-private relationships to drive Black economic prosperity. This multi-year plan uses partnerships address the needs of improving economic prosperity for Black businesses and residents in Oregon. It seeks to create intergenerational wealth improvements for Black Oregonians, increase job creation and revenue for Black businesses, increase philanthropic investments into Black communities by Black businesses and increase the amount of taxes paid by Black businesses and residents. 

To meet their goals, the BBAO partners with government agencies, cross-sector institutions, businesses and nonprofit organizations. Membership is open to entrepreneurs, business owners, corporations and individuals who want to support initiatives that will bring economic equity to Black Oregonians. 

If you are interested in being a member, supporting donor or learning more about the BBAO, visit their website at You can contribute to the BBAO cause by referring someone to Davidson & Associates during February, and we will make a $25 donation on your behalf. 

Already a current client? Refer a friend, family member, collogue or local business for their free, no-obligation quote to support this worthy nonprofit! 

Not a current client? Call (360) 514-9550 for your free, no-obligation quote and mention our Referral Rewards Program to support the Black Business Association of Oregon!   

Referral partner of the month
Referral partner of the month
Referral partner of the month

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