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Referral Rewards Partner of the Month

March Referral Partner

Davidson Insurance supports the community

Did you know that 65% of bankruptcy filings are a result of a medical crisis? We’ve all seen the “Go Fund Me” and Facebook Fundraisers for folks in medical crisis scroll across our social media pages, in this new age, fundraising for social causes and to support community members is becoming increasingly popular. Introducing, “Dollar For”, a nonprofit organization that advocates for families that have had a life event that leaves them surrounded with overwhelming medical expenses.  Founded by Jared Walker, Dollar For believes that each contribution, no matter the amount has endless possibilities and recognizes that dollars add up. The organization encourages an individual to donate one simple dollar each month, to help a family within their community during a time of need, whether that be providing groceries, helping with debt forgiveness or clothing a family – every dollar is given to families in need.

Through these donations, Dollar For can aid those in need that are overcoming a family medical crisis. In the last couple months, Dollar For has been able to support families such as, Javon, 16, and in need of a kidney transplant. Donations from Dollar For paid his family’s rent and provided medications for Javon during the transplant process. Additionally, Lyla, who was diagnosed with leukemia and Gonzalo, who was diagnosed with cancer were both recipients of the donations, which helped pay overdue medical bills and other living expenses throughout their treatments.

Since its inception in August 2015, Dollar For has also been able to provide nearly 1.7 million dollars in medical debt relief by creating a tool that helps a family immediately find out if they qualify for assistance through the Debt Forgiveness Program. From there, Dollar For then assists with the more extensive applications and advocates for the family. The organization has been able to turn each dollar donated, into twenty dollars of medical debt relief.   

We’re excited to support this local nonprofit with our Referral Rewards Program during the month of March, you can help by referring your friends, family or clients to receive a free no-obligation insurance quote on their business, personal or life/disability insurance. Or visit the Dollar For website to learn how to become a monthly giving partner at

Davidson Insurance Referral Program
Davidson Insurance Referral Program
Davidson Insurance Referral Program

2020 Recipients

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February: Council for the Homeless

March: Dollar For

April: Northwest Association for Blind Athletes

May: Furry Friends

June: Kindness 911

July: Police Activities League

August: Parks Foundation of Clark County

September: Assistance League of SW Washington

October: Support for Early Learning & Families

November: Vancouver Symphony

December: Courts for Kids

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