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Water Detection Devices

Water Detection Devices

Our company partner, Safeco Insurance, has introduced two exciting water detection devices to help mitigate potential water losses. Water loss claims are known to be some of the most costly and stressful insurance losses – 40% of all homeowners have said that they experienced a loss from water damage. However, it’s important to note that 93% of water damage can be prevented. We introduce, “StreamLabs SmartHome Water Monitor” and “StreamLabs SmartHome Water Control.” Our partner, Chubb, also provides an innovative water shut-off option called “Phyn Plus.”

Stream Labs


StreamLabs is a true DIY option which doesn’t require pipe-cutting or professional installation. There are two devices offered, StreamLabs Monitor and StreamLabs Control. StreamLabs Monitor is an easy install device that will alert you of real-time leaks and freezes with the app. StreamLabs Control includes a shut-off valve that will stop water leaks in their tracks.

The device uses patented ultrasonic technology to send sound waves into the main water line, recording the time delay to measure water flow.

If abnormal water flow is detected, indicating a potential leak in the home, Smart Alerts will notify the user via real-time alerts to their smartphone.

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Phyn Plus:

Phyn Plus measures tiny changes in pressure 240 times every second to understand the unique voice of each water fixture in your home. This allows Phyn to understand the subtle differences between a running bath and a burst pipe.

The new Phyn Plus (2nd Generation) is re-engineered to be more affordable and 25% smaller, including a more compact power supply and redesigned enclosure to reduce size and volume for installation in tight spaces! Other water monitors require you to place multiple sensors around the home where you think leaks are likely to occur. One Phyn Plus in a single location is all you need to monitor your entire home’s water system for leaks.

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