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Technology Insurance

from Davidson & Associates Insurance


The right insurance in today’s technological world is vital to the survival of all companies. Designed with your business in mind, Technology Insurance can meet the demanding needs of your business while reducing your out-of-pocket expenses when something unexpected occurs.

Technology Companies Face Special Risks

Sometimes, just the simplest of mistakes can have disastrous consequences leading to issues of liability. Vancouver’s Davidson & Associates Insurance can assist in minimizing the financial risk related to alleged negligent activities or failure to produce by creating a Vancouver Technology Insurance policy designed specifically to match your business needs.

Technology and people are vital to your operation and IT Insurance can provide you with the peace of mind you need. Data companies and professionals offering their services in the fields of electronic data processing, software and hardware development, technology staffing and support, software and hardware support, website and database design, data centers, telecom consultants, cloud computing, HIPPA compliance, network security, and medical electronics should give consideration to investing in Technology Insurance. In fact, any company that installs, designs, or supports electronics, computers, or software should strongly consider a Technology Insurance policy.

IT Insurance can be uniquely tailored for your needs, whether you own a large technology business, are a self-employed individual, or even a professional working from home. Davidson & Associates Insurance can provide you, the technology business professional, with Vancouver Technology Insurance that covers:

  • Protection against discrepancies in services you provide and the client’s expectations.
  • Protection against claims for injuries and damages to someone else’s property made by you or your representative.
  • Protection against claims for failure of electronic equipment.
  • Protection against fraud.
  • Protection against claims of copyright and trademark infringement.
  • Protection against claims of plagiarism.
  • Protection for loss-of-use for your business equipment and furniture.
  • Protection against claims of theft, breach of data security or privacy, and hackers.
  • Protection against claims for negligent activities.
  • Protection for loss of income while equipment is down.

No matter the level of professionalism of you or your employee, human error occurs, hardware fails, software crashes, and data gets misplaced. If your client holds you responsible, are you financially able to hire a defense lawyer? Can you afford the costs to repair your company’s reputation?

Consider the cost of defending a lawsuit and then consider how much Technology Insurance can save on your out-of-pocket expenses. Vancouver IT Insurance is affordable and is there to protect you, your employees, and your company.

Davidson & Associates Insurance: Your Insurance Specialists

Do not wait until after a financially devastating incident to purchase Technology Insurance. According to a 2012 research report by Trend Micro, smaller-sized companies are at a far greater risk than large companies for human errors. For independent professionals and small business owners, the financial loss due to human error can plunge a small company into bankruptcy if not properly insured with IT Insurance.

Don’t waste another minute worrying about your financial exposure. Complete the no-obligation quote form today and allow Davidson & Associates Insurance to shield you from unwanted lawsuits!