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Commercial Architects & Engineers Insurance

Commercial Architects & Engineers Insurance

Architects and Engineers Are at High Risk of Liability

If you practice architecture or engineering, as a design professional your liability risk is considerably higher than that of many other professions. This is because an error, problem, or delay can result in serious and even life-threatening consequences. Several high-profile construction accidents in the news recently have shown why architects and engineers need special liability coverage in the operation of their businesses.

Other professions that benefit from this protection include:

  • Landscape architects
  • Surveyors 
  • Commercial interior designers
  • Urban and municipal planners
  • Building inspectors
  • Draftsmen
  • Public transportation specialists

In order to bid on many types of projects, you must carry Professional Liability insurance to show you are responsible should you be at fault in a liability claim.

Professional Liability Insurance for Design Firms Offers Unique Risk Protection

There are many types of liability insurance for specific professions. Architects and engineers insurance is tailored to the unique risks inherent in your jobs. It covers you in the event a mistake, damage to a structure, or construction delay causes danger, injury, loss of life, or financial problems for clients and others involved in the project, whether you are fully or partially responsible.

Without this coverage, your practice could be bankrupted by a liability claim and the resulting settlement or court judgment. Architects and engineers insurance is typically purchased by the firm, but it protects all the individuals who work there, and it also often covers subcontractors too. You can take out A&E insurance as a sole practitioner as well.

Our Independent Agents Go Above and Beyond for You

At Davidson & Associates Insurance, our independent agents have many commercial insurance products available for you, including Professional Liability insurance for A & E Firms, other types of business liability coverage, and policies for property protection. Let us help to ensure your insurance protection fits your contract needs so you have no areas of vulnerability and so your clients are satisfied with your coverage.

We will also help you understand what contract language you should look for in the insurance portion of the client contract agreement. This is essential not only for purchasing insurance but should a claim arise in your professional practice as well.

To learn more about how A&E insurance can protect your business, call us at 360-514-9550 today, or get in touch via our online form to start a policy now.