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Family Fun Movie Night

We are excited about our upcoming "Family Fun Movie Night"-- are you?

Here's why we're excited: We have had the opportunity to be involved, serve, connect, and be a part of this community for 25 years. This event is a celebration in appreciation for our clients' trust over the past years!
We have partnered with Kiggins Theatre, to bring you and your families a relaxing evening of celebration. We will be offering complimentary drinks (soda, beer, or wine) and popcorn. The film that YOU have chosen from our voting in September is... *drum roll*... KINDERGARTEN COP! Now, did you just ask yourself... why a movie from the 90s?

Here is your answer: We have been an agency for 25 years- to celebrate how far we have come, we want to go back to where we started THUS a 1990 classic.

Many of our door prizes are also doing a flashback to the 90s-- Nerf Guns, Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots, RayBan Sunglasses, and more!

This joyous celebration is happening on Thursday October, 15th. The doors will open at 6:30PM and the movie will begin at 7PM. Door prizes will be given away before the movie starts-- you won't want to miss that!

Remember to RSVP to cassie [at] davidsoninsurance [dot] com by 10/13/15.

Hope to see you there!