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Helping Men Heal: November Referral Rewards Partner

Did you know that 51% of women and 61% of men have experienced a traumatic event in their lifetime? (source)

Helping Men Heal (HMH) is an organization dedicated to helping men from all backgrounds and beliefs heal from trauma and loss. HMH identifies trauma as an unexpected event that the victim was unprepared for. Feelings of intense fear, helplessness, and horror often accompany trauma—the event itself is not necessarily traumatizing for the victim rather their experience of the event is traumatizing. This organization strives to break the cycles that are rooted from traumaticevents and provide a foundation on which to rebuild the individual and family.

HMH lives out their mission of helping men heal from trauma and loss through evidence-based facilities, Collaborative Partner Organizations, and service models. This organization focuses on research, education, training, advocacy, prevention, early intervention, public affairs, and policy development. Programs they offer include: The National Center for Male Trauma and Loss, The Wall, and Black Men and Boys Wounds Summit. The National Center for Male Trauma and Loss hosts a variety of resources and collaborative partners which focus on early intervention, prevention, treatment, training, advocacy, and awareness for male trauma and loss survivors. The Wall is located on the Concordia University campus in Portland. It is a landscape/water feature designed to facilitate the healing and education for men and those they have relationships with who have experienced trauma and loss.

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