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Stories of Giving

Soup’s On was a success! Thank you to the 830+ guests that attended as well as those who gave money to this incredible community non-profit. We had a fantastic time at the event and felt honored to be able to support Share through our sponsorship.

Share’s vision for helping the homeless and hungry in our community betters the lives of so many in the Vancouver area. In the spirit of giving and all that Share does to help better our community, Davidson & Associates wanted to further promote paying it forward with our $2 bill campaign. Instead of giving Soup’s On attendees a pen or other marketing material, we chose $2 bills meant to be given to someone who has a greater need. Then, we asked that you would share how you chose to use your $2 bill so that, as a community we could come together to weave a tapestry of stories and moments where we took the opportunity to perform random acts of kindness and help those in need.

We thoroughly enjoyed the stories you shared and the ways in which you decided to give back. Read on to hear about how members of our community shared their $2 bill.

Jessica and her children Grace and Kellen- “These Soup's On! guests pooled their money with their parents and purchased socks for (Share’s) ‘Seats & Feets' drive”

Pete Reidel- “After the Soups On! charity fundraiser I was thinking of the best way to pay it forward with the $2.00 that my company Davidson and Associates provided everyone at the event and how I can get my family involved. And it got me thinking, as a family we get distracted and don’t always replenish our kids’ school lunch money account in a timely manner and my son who likes to get second breakfast at school is always the first to come home with a stamp on his hand. I began to wonder how many children in our kids’ school don’t have a balance on their school lunch account. Even with reduced lunch there is still a cost involved of $.20 for breakfast and $.40 for lunch. So I enlisted my 5th grade daughter to go down to the Burton Elementary school office and ask the staff to please add this onto a student’s lunch account who would need it. The school office administrator and principle were tremendously surprised and impressed because no one has ever offered to help out other students in that capacity. It went a long way for my daughter with the great support the school gave her for this gesture and I hope we as a family can find more ways in the future to promote the awareness of this problem and make an impact for our neighbors and community.”

Diane McWithey- Made a donation today to my childhood church in Anaconda, MT. This beautiful church was originally built in 1898 and is in need of some upkeep. Our presenting sponsor challenged us to make a

difference with the $2 bills they distributed and I added my own dollars to help this church. Usually about 90% of my donations are kept local since I run a nonprofit but Tony challenged me to do something more with this donation so I went back to my roots.

*Photo of Diane's home church in Montana.

Pastor James Stender- “I shared my $2 bill with a man asking for help right by our church (St. Andrews Lutheran Church). The acknowledgment was a gift.”

Gustavo Ramirez- "I gave Davidson's two dollar bill to St. Joseph's Catholic Church's "World Mission Sunday". This money enables us to "serve" those most in need in every parish in the world. The money gives life-changing help to mission churches covering more than half the globe -- clinics for the sick and dying, schools educating poor illiterate kids, and many other forms of serving the poor throughout the world. Davidson & Associates Insurance: Thank You! Your MERCY through giving changes the world!"

We are amazed at what can be done when a community that cares, comes together in an effort to make our world a better place. We hope that you continue to find small ways to make a difference. Davidson & Associates wants to thank you for your stories!