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December Referral Rewards Partner: Courts for Kids

For the month of December we have the privilege of partnering with an incredible organization: Courts for Kids. Courts for Kids exists as an organization that seeks to provide teens with a cross-cultural perspective while simultaneously building courts in disadvantaged areas to give youth the opportunity to play sports. Their mission is to “foster love, compassion, service and an expanding worldview as we take teams to economically disadvantaged areas”. courts_for_kids1.jpgOnce in these areas, Courts for Kids partners with local organization and volunteers in that country to begin their work. They are a community driven organization that really values these partnerships and relationships in the areas in which they work. Currently, a few of the countries where Courts for Kids are seeking to build are Haiti, Uganda, and many countries in Central and South America. A unique facet of Courts for Kids is their commitment to “Global Mindedness”. They seek to be open and learning from the many different cultures around the world. In addition, Courts for Kids values humility and passion in their service as well as the aspect of connecting with humanity through each service trip.

We find it Courts for Kids and their openness and willingness to learn from other cultures and provide this resource for youth in underdeveloped areas incredibly inspiring! Thank you, Courts for Kids, for all that you do around the globe.