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March Referral Rewards Partner: Shared Hope International


Shared Hope International

During the month of March, Davidson & Associates will be partnering with Shared Hope International (SHI) through our Referral Rewards Program. SHI is a dedicated non-profit that is seeking to eradicate the global issue of sexual slavery. Located here in Vancouver, Shared Hope’s worldwide influence has grown since its inception in 1998. The story of SHI began when U.S. Congresswoman, Linda Smith, traveled into the epicenter of sex slavery- the brothel district in Mumbai, India. While still in India, Smith began raising money to start Shared Hope International and bring restoration to the lives of those effected by the horrors of sex slavery. SHI early efforts focused on the international sex trafficking industry. As they became established within this global movement to end sexual exploitation, SHI realized that child sex trafficking was deeply affecting the United States as well. This injustice needed to be confronted. What began as an initiative to provide hope to hopeless women abroad, expanded to provide that same hope domestically.

Today, Shared Hope International combats sex trafficking with a three pronged approach- prevention strategies, restoration programs and justice initiatives. SHI starts at the source, promoting preventive programs. Through comprehensive training, awareness campaigns, and collaboration with influential leaders they are able to create solutions on the front end. Restoration plays an important role, as it helps women and children to thrive after escaping sex slavery. This is provided through supporting partners who run therapeutic programs and sharing survivor’s stories of hope. Finally, justice is essential in pushing legislation and policy

solutions to combat the injustices faced by the victims of child sex trafficking.

This organization has had a global impact on the lives of many. Their efforts have led to much success not only on an international level, but also here in our community. We are inspired by their endless efforts to eradicate sex slavery, achieve freedom for woman and children around the globe, and give HOPE to the hopeless. Learn more about this impactful organization and join the fight against sex slavery here