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July Referral Rewards Partner: Innovative Services NW

This month, Davidson & Associates Insurance is proud to be partnering with Innovative Services NW. This local non-profit serves more than 1,700 adults, children and families in Clark County, WA! Their passion for providing high quality services for the disabled in our area has helped individuals reach their full potential as well as improve the life of families who utilize their care.
In 1963, a group of compassionate and determined parents set out to ensure that their children

with disabilities would have access to important services and resources. Since then it has grown to help adults with disabilities find employment through the creation of the Encore Group NW (now called Innovative Services NW Employment Services and Innovative Services NW Custodial Services) and to help children with disabilities to thrive through physical, occupational, speech and specialty therapies. In 2000, the organization was able to grow in their scope and extend a comprehensive continuum of services that provides resources to individuals from birth through end of life.
Today, all 16 of Innovative Services NW programs are housed in the Mary Firstenburg Family Center. They continue to increase inclusivity within our community and help enhance opportunities for contributions of individuals with disabilities or other challenges. We are grateful for the positive impact that Innovative Services NW is enacting in the Clark County Area. To learn more about this non-profit and ways that you can help click here