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October Referral Rewards Partner: Friends of the Carpenter

This month, we’re proud to partner with Friends of the Carpenter (FOC) for our Referral Rewards Program! This faith based non-profit, which grew from the simple idea of inviting the area’s poor and homeless to join in on modest woodworking projects, has become an environment in which vulnerable members of the community find structure and purpose for their lives. The organization welcomes anyone from Monday through Friday 9 AM to 4 PM to spend time at the Friendship Center, FOC’s headquarters at 1600 W. 20th St, to work on various woodworking projects. Woodworking is used as a tangible outlet that allows visitors to contribute to the community. Friends of the Carpenter sees these workshops as a means of creating purpose and building important relationships. 

In addition to the open woodworking hours, Friends of the Carpenter is dedicated to incorporating the gifts of the people it serves into the organization. In 2008, FOC created Community Awareness Reaching Empowerment (CARE), a program run by those involved in the program who live in poverty.

Friends of the Carpenter says “the CARE committee not only organizes field trips and events for participants, but the program provides Friends of the Carpenter’s staff and board with much needed feedback on the effectiveness of our programs.” One CARE member wrote that Friends of the Carpenter, “helps every one of us feel just a little bit safer, happier and respected when we are a part of it.” 

Friends of the Carpenter provides stability and empowerment for those in vulnerable situations, and we’re so proud of the efforts it makes for people in the area. Thank you, Friends of the Carpenter, for giving meaning to the poor and homeless. To learn more about this incredible organization, please visit their website here.