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Ghost Runners Brewery Community Spotlight

At Davidson & Associates, one of our top priorities is giving back to the community that has given so much to us. The leaders in our community, board members, neighborhood volunteers, restaurant owners and innovators are the people who shape our future in positive ways. We’re proud of the work being done to enhance Clark County. To honor some of our local nonprofits we partner together in our Referral rewards program to highlight the good they do through hard work and innovation. Now, we’d like to showcase local businesses who go above and beyond to interweave community involvement into their everyday business. Join us in celebrating the accomplishments of local businesses and community members as we “protect what matters most.”

Owner Jeff Seibel shapes his brewery around the same concepts he finds so enjoyable in running, being outside and the social opportunities it provides. Living in the Pacific Northwest, a region intrinsically interwoven with the outdoors, inspired Seibel’s vision for his brewery. Although he wasn’t always interested in running, Seibell’s wife convinced him to do the Muddy Buddy run event, and he was hooked. He appreciated the social aspect of the sport and liked the idea of grabbing a beer after a long run. He joked that some runners describe themselves as “drinkers with a running problem.” With these interests in mind, Seibell created a product that incorporated the importance of an active outdoor lifestyle and community gathering. These passions resulted in Ghost Runners Brewery, a business that brews craft beer using equipment and ingredients from the area. The unique beers are cleverly named and tied back to the brewery’s inspiration. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy an award winning Raspberry Gose called Chasing Fluffy Pink Unicorns or Running up Pils, a German-style Pilsner, after a long jaunt through the wild Southwest Washington terrain?

Ghost Runners Brewery has had a major influence on the local beer scene and the experiences of long time beer drinkers. One of the best aspects of the brewery is the way it’s affected local patrons and introduced them to something new. Some of the brewery’s

regulars never liked or tried craft beer until visiting Ghost Runners. Now, some customers who used to exclusively drink name brand beers have found new favorites at the brewery. It’s become a spot for them to gather together and enjoy something special form their local community. Today, whether meeting to catch a sports game, grabbing a beer with friends after exercising or enjoying a new favorite beer, dedicated patrons flock to the brewpub.

In addition to creating a social environment in which community members can gather, the team is dedicated to using local resources. With their love

for the region and the outdoor scene comes a commitment to using the best of the PNW. The taproom features tanks made right next door at Mark’s Design and Metal Work and the beers are brewed with locally farmed hops from Yacama Valley, Crosby farms, and Country Malt Group. The result is a product created from the community it serves. Part of this commitment to local resources includes active engagement in area competitions and partnerships with various Clark County organizations. The team has enjoyed participating in Brewfests, hosting a Ghost Runners Beer Garden after Walk Run for the Animals, holding their own ping pong tournaments and competing in local brewing competitions. We look forwards to watching the contributions and exciting new adventures the Ghost Runners Brewery team as they expand and flourish in Clark County. Try some of their incredible craft beer for yourself and follow them in their next venture at the new Vancouver Waterfront!