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January Referral Rewards Partner: Hough Foundation

Kicking off our 2018 Referral Rewards Program is our January non-profit partner, the Hough Foundation. We’re thrilled to begin this year of giving with the Hough Foundation and are proud of the work they do to support the students and families of Hough Elementary School. Through the foundation’s support, elementary students receive the mental, physical and social aid needed to thrive both in school and in their homes and greater community. The Hough Foundation provides resources that enhance the wellbeing of students and their families and strategically intervenes to find the best solution when needs arise. Jill Campbell, executive director of the foundation says, “Students leave Hough School life-ready and education-ready, empowered to actively engage in a world they help create.”

The foundation coordinates volunteers and listens to teachers’ thoughts and needs to ensure they receive support in helping their students. Volunteers help teachers in clerical duties, serve as tutors and mentors and engage with individual students through The Lunch Buddy program, a program in which volunteers are paired with Hough students who would benefit from one-on-one mentorship. These volunteers help the school provide attention and resources to

the needs of each student and dedicate more than 10,000 hours each year. Services provided in the last year include a healthy snack program, one-on-one counseling for students and parents, rental assistance for Hough families and salary assistance for an all-day kindergarten teacher and special education teacher. And the foundation has gave the school a therapy dog, Luna, whose presence teachers have noticed has led to a 30-50% faster de-escalation rate from a stressful situation.

Hough Foundation also supports the specific needs of their students’ families. Mental health is a high priority, and students and families are connected with mental health resources. The foundation provides a part-time assistant to help the Vancouver Public Schools manage the Family-Community Resource Center, which service more than half of Hough Elementary students each year. To support the Hough foundation in their mission, find out more about their upcoming event, the Hough Hoedown on February 3rd, or learn more about becoming a Lunch Buddy! Through local partnerships the foundation continues to provide opportunities for Hough students. Thank you, Hough Foundation, for supporting the future leaders of our community!