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March Referral Rewards Partner: the Hockinson School District Foundation

In 2018, we’re proud to partner with a number of school district foundations to support education

and community growth. This March we’re excited to introduce The Hockinson School District Foundation, a foundation of proud community members and educators striving to support future generations. 

The Hockinson foundation began with community members who wanted to support graduating high school seniors at Hockinson High School. The school district, which opened in 2007, includes three schools and is located in Bruch Prairie, WA, emphasizes a culture of academic success and equipping students to become active participants in a changing world. Although the foundation is a separate entity from the school district, its goal is to support the school district in its mission and values.

With the help of generous donations from community members, the foundation has three scholarships for graduating seniors. These scholarships are awarded to two graduating seniors and

one scholarship for a senior planning to go into a trade profession. The money for this scholarship was donated by one Hockinson father who wishes to support Hockinson students interested in trade careers. In addition to providing a vote of confidence and a sense of support from the community

, these scholarships give seniors a lead into the school district’s mission of developing “independent thinkers who actively contribute to the betterment of our changing world.” The scholarships remind seniors and students of the support of their community. The award recipients are chosen based on community involvement, academics and extracurricular activities. Those selected are well-rounded, active members of their school.

Although still a new organization, the foundation is quickly expanding. To support their continued growth and to learn more about the community that supports Hockinson High School, check out the Hockinson School District’s website: