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Autism Empowerment

 Founded by Karen and John Krejcha, the southwest Washington non-profit promotes inclusion and empowerment for all people on the autism spectrum both locally and nationally. One of the founding beliefs and missions of Autism Empowerment is to recognize and use the gifts of people on the autism spectrum.

Autism Empowerment incorporates this mission into their own structure and everyday work, which allows people to find service opportunities and achieve their highest potential both in and out of the organization. Every member of the Board of Directors is either on the autism spectrum or has family members on the spectrum. The organization stresses, “It is essential that individuals with autism be given a voice in the conversation throughout all facets of program, support and service development.” 

Equipped with this unique perspective and its strong community of leaders, Autism Empowerment offers a variety of services and support. Key programs include: Spectrum Life Magazine (print, audio and video content), Autism Empowerment Radio, Tween & Teen Social Club, G.I.R.L.S. Group, Adults on the Spectrum Support and a variety of gatherings for youth and families. Their Autism Serves Kids Care Club volunteerism program allows youth and families to volunteer in partnership with local nonprofits, combining service learning with hands-on activity. The club even received an award as one of the Top 10 volunteer Kids Clubs in the country from Points of Light Foundation GenerationOn. We’re excited to partner with a nonprofit

recognizes and helps people reach their highest potential. 

Since its founding, Autism Empowerment has been volunteer-based. To volunteer with and support their commitment to supporting people on the autism spectrum and organizations around the nation, visit their website, and to read their magazine, Spectrum Life, see their sister website at You a can also support Autism Empowerment when you shop on Amazon. Follow this link, and a percentage of your purchase will be donated to Autism Empowerment and their mission.