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The 4-3-2-1 on Back to School

Get the 411 on the Back to School by reading this 4-3-2-1 Post!

4 Healthy School Lunch Ideas

Let’s face it, sandwiches get a little old after a while. Try these four new healthy ideas to spice up the lunch box!

  1. Turkey & Cheese Pinwheels, snap peas, grapes & multigrain crackers.

  2. Homemade “Pizza Lunchable” sliced tortilla, marinara sauce, shredded cheese and turkey pepperoni.

  3. Sliced bagel with cream cheese, cinnamon and raisins, popcorn, sliced apples & a hardboiled egg.

  4. Hummus & Pita Slices, yogurt with pomegranate seeds, sliced melon & pretzels.


Find these recipes & many others at https://www.100daysofrealfood....


3 Routines to Establish

Before School: Wake up with plenty of time to accomplish your morning tasks without feeling rushed, have your kiddo shower & brush teeth first! The water will help wake them up & feel bright eyed & bushy tailed. Healthy breakfast, check. Make bed, check. Grab lunches, backpacks, jackets check-check-check!

After School: Provide your kiddo with a structured schedule that will ensure that they stay focused and organized! Whether your student comes straight home after school or plays sports, music class or afterschool clubs, ensure that you have an agreed upon and set time (with lots of snacks) for homework!

Bedtime: Consistency is key! Set a bed time with your kiddo that allows ample time for homework, chores, dinner, afterschool activities & family time! Stick to it!

2 Tips to Triumph Back To School

Tip 1: Preparation! Use the 4 P's of preparation. The first day of school is hectic enough, make sure that everything is ready to go the night before to reduce the stress & chance of forgetting something!

  • Pack lunch

  • Pick 1st day of school outfit

  • Pack supplies in backpack

  • Proper rest – Go to bed early!

Tip 2: Pep Talk

Take a moment to provide your nervous kiddo with a pre-school pep-talk, remind them of what fun times they have, the wonderful things they’ll learn this year and what they achieved last year! Positive mindset = positive results! 


1 Picture to take & cherish the moment

In the words of Kenny Chesney “Don’t blink, life goes by faster than you think”