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Local Choice.... it Matters!

Choice. We all like choice. One of the choices we get to make when seeking a source for our insurance needs is to do business with a locally owned agency. While this choice may not appear to be significant on the surface, it is more significant than it may first appear. This choice does impact our community in a variety of ways.

What do our clients get by choosing a local agency like ours? While they may prefer to connect with us by telephone, email or even text, we are truly HERE when they need us. We can sit down together to discuss needs and arrive at solutions in a personal way ā€“ face to face. We can talk in person about how to recover from the situations that no one ever expects will happen. A member of our leadership team can be on the scene of a fire that destroys a home or place of business within hours.

We are part of the community, just like you are, we are invested here in every way. We care about our community, just like you do. So we seek ways to make a difference and to support the community and many of the non-profits that make a difference here. We serve on boards and committees with you. We celebrate our Flag together. We attend fundraisers together. We Walk Nā€™ Knock to feed the hungry together. We share in the desire to make this community a great place to live and call home.

Yes, as a local, family owned business, our agency is part of the fabric of the community.

Our work team lives here. We call this community our home. We raise our families here. Our children go to school here. We go to the Farmers Market and marvel at the new Grant Street Pier on the waterfront. You may run into a member of our team grabbing a cup of coffee, enjoying a meal or shopping for groceries. Like you, we have made a choice to be here.

Our history is here and so is our future.

As we grow, we touch our community with increased employment opportunities and we have chosen a perpetuation plan that keeps our agency local and family owned by transitioning leadership from within. Keeping it local with the next generation matters. Our team has made a commitment to us and our clients and we have made a commitment to them by continuing on the course we have set here in our community for serving, supporting and giving.

After all, these desires and attributes contributed to who we are and all that we have had the good fortune to be a part of in the first place.

So you see, your choice matters more than you may have anticipated. Think about it, and choose local whenever you can.

Bruce Davidson is the Founder of Davidson & Associates Insurance. He can be reached at bruce [at] davidsoninsurance [dot] com.