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Columbia River Insurance Merge

We’ve Merged!

We are pleased to announce that Columbia River Insurance has merged with Davidson & Associates Insurance. The expertise from our two companies will enhance every aspect of the customer experience, no matter what kind of insurance you are seeking.

Our increased staff brings decades of combined knowledge in the insurance industry, and we are confident this will benefit our current and future clients, as well as the greater Vancouver community. We can provide you with even more options and advice when it comes to protecting you, your family, your home, your vehicles, and your business.

Independent Insurance Agents Offer More Personalized Service

If you are already familiar with independent insurance agents, you certainly know the level of personalized service and tailored policies we provide. And if you’re frustrated with those big-name insurance companies and ready for a change, we know you’ll be happier with Columbia River Insurance and Davidson & Associates Insurance.

Independent agents offer many benefits that larger insurance companies cannot. Because we’re a small local enterprise, we know the Vancouver area better, which allows us to customize policies specifically for this location. When you call or stop into the office, you are treated like a neighbor, not just a number. We make an effort to get to know all our clients, so we can help you grow and weather life’s changes with greater ease and peace of mind.

Additionally, we offer more variety than large companies that only push their own insurance products. Of course, we can help you with insurance coverage from the well-known carriers, but we also have access to insurance providers you may not have heard of. We also can often find solutions for our customers that they won’t find for themselves online. With every policy, you get coverage tailored uniquely to you, which gives you better protection and works with your budget, too.

Let Us Help with All Your Insurance Needs

The next time you need assistance with an insurance policy, we welcome the opportunity to speak with you. We know once you work with us, you’ll never want to go back to any other way. Call us at 360-514-9550 to tell us how we can help, or message us online to start a quote today.