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Small Farm Insurance

from Davidson & Associates Insurance

Small Farm Insurance

Protect Your Livelihood and Property with Insurance Tailored to You

If you run a small farm or agricultural business, your insurance requirements are unique. You need business insurance but at a different level than commercial farms and larger enterprises. You may also live on your farm, which entails combining home insurance with business coverage. Small farm and agribusiness insurance was created just for you to cover this unique niche.

Who needs small farm and agribusiness protection?

  • Family farms
  • Christmas tree farms
  • Pumpkin patch owners
  • Farm cooperatives or CSAs
  • Horse stables or trail riding businesses
  • Egg producers
  • Farmers market vendors
  • Herb growers
  • Independent garden centers
  • Seed suppliers
  • Agritourism businesses, like petting zoos
  • Organic farmers
  • Hydroponic growers

What Small Farm and Agribusiness Insurance Covers

Every small farm and agricultural business is different, so your insurance needs aren’t necessarily the same as others. There are many types of insurance available to you in order to protect different aspects of your property ownership and business operation:

  • Property insurance for your home and personal belongings
  • Commercial auto insurance for vehicles driven as part of doing business
  • Equipment insurance for tools and equipment used in your farming business
  • Additional property coverage for feed, livestock, silos, barns, sheds, etc.
  • Equine insurance for horses and people who work with them
  • Workers’ compensation for employees injured on the job
  • Commercial liability insurance for non-employee injuries on your farm premises or for employment risks like wrongful termination, discrimination, and harassment
  • Commercial umbrella insurance for increased liability coverage
  • Crop and hail insurance for severe weather events or price changes that affect your revenue
  • Loss of income insurance, in case events outside your control mean you can’t operate as normal
  • Cyber insurance to protect against ID theft, hacking, data breaches, and other cyber crimes
  • Earthquake, flood, and wildfire insurance in case of natural disasters

Independent Agents Are Best for Customized Coverage

Because small farmers and similar businesses need highly customized insurance protection, your best bet is to work with independent agents who can tailor a policy to you. We have far more insurance products at our disposal than big companies do, and we know the area better too — important to ensure you have no gaps in coverage related to geography or the local business climate.

Don’t put your livelihood or your property at risk by leaving parts of your farm business vulnerable. Call Davidson & Associates Insurance at 360-514-9550 to get the coverage you need. Or start a policy online any time to make sure you’re fully protected.