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What Businesses Need to Know About the Washington Long-Term Care Act

The state of Washington revised the Long-Term Care Act in spring of 2021. Since then, many of our Vancouver area clients who own businesses have had many questions about their responsibilities pertaining to this new...

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My Home Flooded – What to Do Next

A flood is a devastating experience that is affecting more and more people today across the United States. The greater Vancouver area has been at risk for flooding several times in the last few years. That danger is...

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When to Consider Long-Term Care Insurance

There’s been a lot of talk lately about long-term care insurance, especially since the passing of Washington’s Long-Term Care Act last spring. Our clients in Vancouver have many questions about this type of coverage,...

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I Have Home Insurance – Why Do I Need Flood Insurance?

Home Insurance Does Not Cover Floods Many of our clients in the Vancouver area are shocked to learn that their home insurance policies do not cover floods. Don’t be one of the devastated people who find out too late...

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